At Sound Innovation Lab we bring together scientists and technologists with designers and programmers to develop the most pleasant, compelling and effective UX sound scenarios for physical products, brands and intelligent spaces.

We envision future scenarios of how we interact with technology.

We discover unexpected simplicity in complex problems.

We design user-centric solutions for multimodal User Experiences.

We develop flexible systems, principles and algorithms which can evolve.

We strive for the highest standards in aesthetics and functionality

We push boundaries of what can be experienced and communicated through sound.

The Lab is situated right next to the Audio Communication Group at Technical University Berlin. Here we initiate research projects with one of the leading institutions when it comes to Audiotechnology and Communication. 

A team of open minded sound nerds with a track record of more than 20 years in various fields of creation, production, research and development. Used to work with interdisciplinary teams on disclosed products or visions for OEM’s and other international brands and innovators. 
Passionate UX- and Sound Designers, Composers, Technicians, Coders and Scientists working together towards one goal. Shape the future of how humans, nature and technology interact, live and communicate through sound.

Intelligent sound engines help to enjoy, understand and trust products (get the research here). 
Sound has unique powers to convey and trigger emotions. It can also communicate information on a subconscious level in high speed without necessarily competing for our valuable attention. Our auditory perception is an ancient supercomputer mostly neglected by UX Design. 

Rethink your future products and services with us. In a small workshop we dive deep into your Brand, needs, visions and problems to get a common understanding for your users, customers and future opportunities. Afterwards we will tap into our resources and help you understand how sound can help to reach your goals and let your future products stand out.

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